Zoology Museum of University of Tehran

By emphasizing the need to preserve and support wildlife reserves and scientific documents, Tehran University Zoology Museum plays a great role in establishing and revitalizing scientific and applied research and advancing biological sciences with the experiences gained and identification of Iran’s animal collection. It tries to respond to the needs of society and future generations by monitoring and amending the bylaws and issues related to the new methods and approaches to promoting museums. Zoological Museum is very important for the culture of the general public and for familiarizing those interested in biology.

About the museum

The Zoological Museum of Tehran University is a worthy and rare collection of natural science reserves, scientific documents, and all kinds of biological resources of the vast land of Iran, especially showing the diversity of animals of this border and environment.

Sections of the museum

The zoology museum collection with about 25 thousand specimens and animal works has been collected, prepared, preserved, and preserved by various scientific methods over many years. The museum consists of two main exhibition and archival parts:

1) The museum’s exhibition section is for the visiting of enthusiasts and the general public. 2) The Archive and reference museum section under the  Zoological Museum of University of Tehran  Collection and code  ZUTC  is registered in the international collection of scientific museums worldwide. The reference department is in charge of maintaining samples of the reserves of different animal species in Iran and makes them available to zoological researchers for systematic and taxonomic studies, in addition, it receives typographical samples based on which the description or re-description of the samples has been made. and issues sample code numbers for researchers to include in scientific articles.

Museum services

Zoology Museum, having a valuable collection in terms of taxonomic studies of Iranian fauna and the possibility of accessing information and describing them, has been able to answer the questions and taxonomic needs of researchers and students of biological sciences. In order to raise the level of education and make the theory of zoology and other biological sciences tangible, the zoology museum provides the possibility of numerous visits annually for various institutions, including education and training schools, universities and scientific and research institutions, and research institutes, and provides scientific information about the category Classification, morphological and biological description of Iranian species, preservation, taxidermy and fixation in chemical solutions, skeletonization, preparation of specimens in resin, registration and preservation of insects (stalks) and preservation of the museum are available to them.


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